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13 Quick Short Sales Tips – Tyrone Whitby

13 Quick Short Sales Tips – Tyrone Whitby

Speaker: Tyrone Whitby | Runtime: 00:17:14
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Tyrone Whitby is an expert when it comes to short sales investing. He has found satisfaction in making money by helping home owners avoid foreclosure. Today, he is not only a successful pre-foreclosure investor, he is also an acknowledged international speaker in this field of real estate investing. Before Tyrone Whitby entered the world of real estate, he was a sales representative for a life insurance company. He spent more than three years selling insurance and investment products and was recognized as one of the top sales persons in his branch office. After his period with insurance products, Tyrone Whitby entered the real estate industry. The Washingtonian became a member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) Prince George's County branch. He was chosen as president of the branch and now serves as chairman of the board. “I've conducted training classes on a regional and national level, most recently at the NAREB National Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL,” he said in one of his website profiles. Tyrone Whitby has gone beyond teaching about short sales nationwide. He is now an international speaker, giving companies a background on short sales. “I have an emphasis on short sale presentations to business employees, to help ease their fears of the unknown. Employers prefer their work force having more peace of mind during the present economic uncertainty,” he said. Apart from homeowners who are desperate to avoid foreclosure, Tyrone Whitby also helps companies and investors earn profits through this real estate investing method. His corporate sales training career spans two decades. He adds that he is willing to work with industry, government, corporate, and non-profit clients. For those who want to be under the tutelage of this short sales mentor, here is how he describes himself as a teacher: “High energy individual with a zest for knowledge and sharing of same through conducting seminars, workshops, webinars, etc. I have taught thousands of students in an effort to help them reach their sales and income goals.”

Make sure your pen and paper’s ready as short sales expert Tyrone Whitby gives away more than a dozen quick tips on short sales. Do you want to know what mindset you should have when investing in short sales? Do the terms contract management system and net/loss sheet sound alien to you? If you answered yes, watch this video now. Tyrone Whitby will also give you tips on finding short sale prospects and tell you the exact questions he asks distressed home owners on the phone to pre-screen them. Finally, want to know what your worst enemy in this business is? Watch this presentation now to learn about it and more from Tyron Whitby.
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13 Quick Short Sales Tips – Tyrone Whitby

Runtime: 00:17:14 | Views: 322

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