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4M’s of Real Estate Marketing – Tony Severino

4M’s of Real Estate Marketing – Tony Severino

Speaker: Tony Severino | Runtime: 00:21:55
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Tony Severino is an expert when it comes to wholesaling. He owns a property investment company and is a full-time real estate investor in Chicago, Illinois. A recognized speaker across the country, he is known for his methods in creative real estate investing.

In this short presentation, you’ll learn from Tony Severino what the 4M’s of real estate marketing are. Learn how you can target your market using the shotgun and rifle methods. Listen as he discusses foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other hot properties today. A full-time real estate investor in the Chicago area, Tony Severino will also tell you how to write a copy and whether you should make it long or short. This video will tell you why need to have a USP (unique selling proposition) to close real estate deals. You will also learn more about yellow letters, postcards, business cards, and door hangers in this packed video.
Tags: Tony Severino,4m’s, Real Estate,Marketing,Target Your Market,Foreclosures,Bankruptcies,Hot Properties,Real Estate Investor,Write A Copy,Real Estate Deals,Yellow Letters,Postcards,Business Cards,Door Hangers

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4M’s of Real Estate Marketing – Tony Severino

Runtime: 00:21:55 | Views: 333

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