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5 Vital Fix and Flip Tips - Vernon Vaughan

5 Vital Fix and Flip Tips - Vernon Vaughan

Speaker: Vernon Vaughan | Runtime: 00:29:19
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Real estate investor Vernon Vaughan asks students how Michael Jordan learned to play basketball. A) Jordan sat down in a class, listened to a teacher, and held a ball after learning everything about the game. Or B) he tried dribbling a ball while watching others do it. Vernon Vaughan of Baltimore, Maryland, applies the same action-oriented principle when it comes to teaching real estate investing. He encourages his students to take action immediately. He emphasizes the importance of “acting now,” assuring followers that today is actually the best time to invest in real estate. “I practice what I preach,” he adds. If he indeed preaches what he practices, then neophyte real estate investors are in for a wide array of topics from this speaker: lease options, apartment buildings, rehabs, land development, condo conversions. “I do it all,” he says. However, he also confesses that wholesaling houses is his specialty. “Wholesaling is my girlfriend! I'm in love with wholesaling. Wholesaling is my Sugar Momma! She spoils me! I love her and she loves me.” Vernon Vaughan started his real estate investing in 2003 with a lease option deal that earned him $60,000. Since then, he never looked back and tried to learn everything about wholesaling houses and rehabbing, among others. Testament to his investor’s dedication to his business is a nomination to the National Real Estate Investor of the Year Award. He was one of the 10 finalists. By the way, he did that in his second year in the business. Today, he is a recognized real estate investor, realtor, and appraiser in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. He also holds classes in these areas, teaching and consulting with both beginner and expert real estate investors. As a person, Vernon Vaughan loves kidding, calling himself “the greatest thing since sliced bread and pockets.” A lot of colleagues call him the “Wholesale Renegade” because of his revolutionary ideas. Some call him the “The T-Shirt and Blue Jeans Real Estate Investor” because of his simplicity in clothing. He stresses that he doesn’t need a coat and tie to invest in real estate. Don’t mistake him to be short in profits though just because of his attire. He drives around a black Jaguar convertible with a customized plate.

Get 5 vital fix and flip tips from Maryland real estate investor Vernon Vaughan. For rehabbers who are confused with choosing bath tubs, this video is for you. Listen he Vernon tells you how you your property leave as lasting impression to prospective buyers through the bathroom. He also shares a tip to secure rehabbing materials at a discounted price. Having trouble with contractors? Avoid getting over-billed with this help presentation. Vernon Vaughan also touches on staging homes, demolition, and finding general laborers online in this short but sweet video.

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  • 39875| Posted: April 28, 2011 03:47:26 PM

    H Hi Vernon, hey I just saw your video and I thank you bigtime for your tips . If you are still posting on craigslist can pass me the info to access it . I hope to here from you , thank you. Sincerely, Ed Martinez

  • 34177| Posted: March 17, 2011 02:48:42 PM

    Great video, wish it didn't have so much music because I would rather listen to the speaker instead. The music was a little too loud and needs to be softened back a little more. Other than the music being a little too loud, great ideas and tips. Love it! Thanks!

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5 Vital Fix and Flip Tips - Vernon Vaughan

Runtime: 00:29:19 | Views: 336

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