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A+ Wholesaling Houses - Marcel Umphery

A+ Wholesaling Houses - Marcel Umphery

Speaker: Marcel Umphery | Runtime: 02:01:34
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Marcel Umphery saw the potential of real estate investing to change his life during his college days. He was a sophomore when he started investing in tax sale certificates using the refund checks students on financial aid received toward the end of each semester. He was able to purchase his first property for $850. After 18 months, he sold it for $25,000 - an event that totally hooked him on the business. Today, he is considered an expert when it comes to marketing, wholesaling houses, and other aspects of real estate investing.


Also a recognized speaker, especially in the Baltimore metropolitan area, Marcel Umphery believes that of the many real estate investing methods, wholesaling is the best starter. "You can start real estate literally with very little money and no risk at all. Most people start out with wholesaling, meaning you would put a property under contract and sell your rights or equitable interest in the property and contract to another investor for $2,000 - $50,000+" he says. Marcel describes the profit as "nice" considering the risks involved, if any at all. "You are simply finding them (properties) for investors who are looking to buy them," he adds.


On the best time to begin in the business, he thinks it's today. "People are going through foreclosure and there are tons of deals waiting out there to make you a lot of money. The real estate market is at an all time low," he writes. Marcel, however, warns that there are some risks in wholesaling houses and other forms of real estate investing. These risks can only be avoided is an investor educates himself. If you don't educate yourself, expect tough times to come your way, he says. On the other hand, real estate investing can be very easy and rewarding with the proper education. "Sure it takes a lot of patience and persistence... but it is very simple."


For those who want to learn about offline and online marketing, negotiating, and other matters related to real estate investing, Marcel Umphery is your mentor. The co-founder of A+ Neighborhood Homebuyers, LLC, Marcel can give you A+ education, especially on wholesaling houses. Go check out his videos today.

Wholesaling houses expert Marcel Umphery will tell you everything you need to learn to make money flipping real estate contracts. The co-founder of A+ Neighborhood Homebuyers, LLC, Marcel Umphery details the process of wholesaling houses right from adjusting your mindset to closing the deal. Learn how to find motivated sellers and why you need to be rejection-proof in this business. He’ll also tell you why hanging out in court houses actually makes sense for those in real estate investing. Marcel Umphery, who started his career in real estate way back in his college days, discusses in this video how to build a team. You’ll also get an idea on how to find hard money lenders, contractors, and investor-friendly real estate agents. This video has a portion dedicated to “no budget” marketing and closes with tips on how you can stay in the real estate business.
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    Now that's 100% content REI Wired Rocks!

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    This guy is the Real Deal!

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A+ Wholesaling Houses - Marcel Umphery

Runtime: 02:01:34 | Views: 1263

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