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Actual Rehab Projects – John Lentz and Greg Wagman

Actual Rehab Projects – John Lentz and Greg Wagman

Speaker: John Lentz & Greg Wagman | Runtime: 00:56:38
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Seeing a great opportunity to make money amid the foreclosure crisis, college buddies John Lentz and Greg Wagman moved into a new city and started fixing and flipping houses right after graduation in 2008. Armed with knowledge they acquired by reading online articles and books from the Notre Dame University and interviewing veteran investors, the duo brings a breath of fresh air to the rehabbing business by showing fun and practical tips on renovating fixer upper homes and old properties.

College buddies John Lentz and Greg Wagman show a classic example of how rehabbers can have fun and learn tons of information while doing a rehab project. In this video, the dynamic duo will teach you lots of practical and neat tips on transforming an ugly home into a work of art as these young investors go over and present exclusive and actual footages of each and every house that they have rehabbed. Find out when the perfect time is to buy a property that you can fix and flip and learn how you can sell a rehabbed home at any time of the year. John Lentz and Greg Wagman will also share with you an important lesson on dealing and working with contractors.
Tags: John Lentz,Greg Wagman,John And Greg,Rehab,Rehabbing,Flip,Flipper,Fixer Upper Homes,Handyman Specials,Old Properties,Foreclosures,First-Timers,Beginners,Demolition Job,Rehabbers,Flipping,Buy And Sell

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