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Bank Book Creation - Chris Clothier

Speaker: Chris Clothier | Runtime: 17:19
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Chris Clothier comes from a family of investors. Safe to say that investing is in his blood. His father, Kent Clothier Sr., founded what would be one of the largest investment networks in the Mid-South. He joins his family in running MemphisInvest, which helps investors acquire and manage rental properties. As a strategic investor himself, Chris is known for his expertise in securing financing, acquiring property, and giving excellent customer service.

Local investors know him as a regular emcee and member of the Board of Directors of the Mid-South Real Estate Investors Association. To his clients, he is known as someone who is results-driven. He uses a bank book to make sure banks and other lenders read his proposal and offer him lines of credit for his business. If his methods interest you, check out Chris’ videos here today.


In this video, self-made entrepreneur Chris Clothier shares the No. 1 secret that allowed his family business to have access to millions of dollars of credit. From what it contains to the type of binder he personally uses, he’ll bare it all in this video. A top executive at, Chris Clothier will tell you how your proposal can go to the top of the mounds of binders that pile on top of the tables of bank officials. Chris Clothier, whose company manages rental properties among other real estate ventures, also explains the importance of making a mission statement for your business. Get tips on how to look professional and well-rounded in the eyes of banks. But aren’t banks and credit unions tightening up? Chris Clothier says you might be knocking at the wrong door. Want to know how to avoid red tape and learn industry secrets so you can get financing for your real estate investing business fast? Watch this video now.

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Bank Book Creation - Chris Clothier

Runtime: 17:19 | Views: 401

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