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Being A Real Estate Wholesaler - Preston Ely

Being A Real Estate Wholesaler - Preston Ely

Speaker: Preston Ely | Runtime: 56:48
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Views: 4317
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Preston Ely is a VERY complicated man. He is a genius of real estate, but at the same time maintains a set of firm buns like a professional body builder. He looks great in pants, and regularly wears a bathing suit to church. He even flew down to Peru once after seeing the Ms Universe competition on TV and made Ms. Peru his girlfriend because she was hot. (true story). How this is relevant, we don't know, but he sure knows how to wholesale houses for a living.


Preston has proclaimed himself the "King of Wholesaling" and no one has so far sued him for this. He is considered an expert in wholesaling and a pioneer and master in the probates market. His selling career purportedly started when he was 17. He allegedly sold a $1,700 vacuum cleaner to a family that lived in a mobile home and that mobile home was not carpeted. Instead of going to college, he opted to work as a financial broker after high school. He was making six figures until extreme boredom finally set in and he decided to go with his first love - to become an entrepreneur.


Since he liked real estate, he decided to buy a real estate investing course from a famous mentor. According to Preston Ely, it didn't work for him. However, he met a certain guru who was them making more than a million dollars a years and this time, he hit wholesaling right in the spot. That was the start of his ascent to his wholesaling and real estate investing throne.


Preston Ely, by the way, doesn't own an office. Not that he can't a hundred of them at the same time, he just doesn't need one. He allegedly works for hours a week using a computer and a cell phone while sipping Starbucks in his waterfront home. A much-followed author and blogger, Preston Ely, also dubbed the bad boy of real estate investing, is seriously a sought-after teacher and speaker when it comes to wholesaling and probates.

Discover what makes a successful real estate investor tick as Preston Ely gives you a glimpse into the daily life of the “Wholesaling King.” Watch this video and find out why having passion in real estate can help you live the life you’ve always wanted. Preston Ely will also share with you the “magic words” that will get home sellers to do your bidding. Find out the key to finding good deals and learn how you can unleash your true potential in this engaging video by the “Wholesaling King” himself.
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