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Branding and Social Media - Lauris Renner

Branding and Social Media - Lauris Renner

Speaker: Lauris Renner | Runtime: 00:14:52
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If your real estate investing business needs a boost in branding or marketing, Lauris Renner is the expert you should listen to. The founder and creative director of L.A.R Consulting & Design, Lauris Renner is also considered a social media go-to guy by real estate investors. He believes that the arrival of the Internet and e-commerce changed the marketing and distribution aspects of businesses, including those in real estate. “Companies can quickly and easily reach any consumer who has a computer and an Internet connection - whether that consumer is across town or on the other side of the world,” he says. Lauris Renner stresses that real estate investors and other businessmen should take advantage of the power of the Internet, specifically social media. With this in mind, he established his company, which specializes in providing consultancy and advertising solutions, in 2003. His clients are usually from real estate, restaurant and food service, automotive, non-profit, retail, home improvement, and other industries and sectors. His company is based in Maryland. As a professional, Lauris Renner has provided training and consulting to real estate investors in social media marketing and search engine optimization. His experience also includes sales, web development, graphic design, brand development, and management. “I enjoy developing the creative programs and design concepts that meet the business objectives of the client and that advance their brand strategy,” he says. Lauris Renner also likes establishing the creative direction for the entire line of services and products and providing quality control over concepts and projects.

Learn exactly what branding is and why you need it in your real estate investing business in this Lauris Renner video. This short presentation discusses the power of social media and how to use it to build your brand. Listen as Lauris Renner, founder of a major advertising and marketing company, enumerates the statistics you need to know about homeowners and their involvement in social media. He will also list down the social media websites you need to have an account in and where you can get free blogs. You’ll learn in this presentation why criticism is actually good. Finally, get tips from the branding expert himself on how you can improve your social media profiles and eventually your marketing methods.

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User Comments

  •| Posted: August 9, 2016 04:12:41 PM

    Lauris keeps the hype factor low, in generating good down-to-earth advice! I particularly liked his blog advice at the end of the video - Listen, ask questions, provide something for the audience, accept criticism, and show some personality!

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Branding and Social Media - Lauris Renner

Runtime: 00:14:52 | Views: 379

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