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Building A Short Sales Team – Nathan Jurewicz

Building A Short Sales Team – Nathan Jurewicz

Speaker: Nathan Jurewicz | Runtime: 28:02
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Nicknamed the “Short Sales Kid,” Nathan Jurewicz has taken the real estate investing industry by storm through his street-smart techniques and strategies on handling short sale deals. The twenty-something guy is a member of the younger generation of real estate investors who continue to reinvent the real estate business. At first glance, one wouldn’t expect that Nathan Jurewicz is one of the best and the most capable real estate investors in the country. Sporting a neon-colored hair and driving a Lamborghini, most people would assume that Nathan is a rich man’s son who wastes all of his father’s money on trivial things. However, appearances indeed can be deceiving as the young investor is said to be one of the nicest, helpful, and most honest guys one would ever want to meet. An active real estate entrepreneur, he regularly invests in short sale deals, making insane amounts of profits without practically leaving his $600,000-penthouse in Florida. It is even said that he was able to earn at least $118,000 in a month through a business system that he has developed and refined over the years. One of the things that make Nathan Jurewicz somewhat of a legend among his peers is that he was able to create an auto pilot “find-them-and-sell-them” system for distressed home sales. He has also developed a business structure wherein real estate investors can automate almost every aspects of investing in short sales with huge profits and little to no risk. Amid all his accomplishments, Nathan Jurewicz is more than willing to help people from all walks in life, especially during the ongoing economic recession. He is passionate about saving homeowners from the clutches of foreclosure. The young investor is also keen on sharing his knowledge and techniques to those who want to generate huge profits by investing in short sales and pre-foreclosures.

Discover the secrets to making big profits in real estate without talking to sellers and banks from one of the most celebrated experts in the real estate business. Known as the “Short Sales Kid,” Nathan Jurewicz will teach you how to avoid burning yourself out when doing a short sale. Master the techniques to building a great team that will do your entire job. Find out how to motivate your agents and negotiators and learn the secrets to winning their loyalties. Having trouble talking to difficult realtors? Watch Nathan Jurewicz’s video now and you won’t get rejected again!
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