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Buying Foreclosures – Glen Gallucci

Buying Foreclosures – Glen Gallucci

Speaker: Glen Gallucci | Runtime: 1:22:06
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Glen Gallucci is an active real estate investor who specializes in buying, rehabbing, and selling residential properties. He has made tons of cash renovating and building dozens of residential and commercial real estate assets at the span of 30 years. He is currently the president of Peak Properties, LLC, a real estate company based in Bergen County, New Jersey. Aside from running his own company, he is also a board member and the vendor member chairman of New Jersey’s Garden State Real Estate Investors’ Association. And for the past two years, Glen Gallucci has been chosen as the host of the association’s “Rehabbers and Wholesalers Roundtable.” The specialized group is composed of 800 members who meet regularly every month. He is also a member and the board adviser of New York’s Greater Westchester Real Estate Investment Association. Aside from making money rehabbing properties and investing in real estate, Glen Gallucci is also into teaching both beginners and veterans in the business. With more than 30 years worth of experience, he is considered as one of the best real estate mentors and speakers in the country. By providing his students with invaluable knowledge in wholesaling and renovating fixer upper homes, as well as buying and selling foreclosures and vacant properties, the real estate veteran makes it easier for them to generate huge profits. By citing himself as example, he was able to teach beginners how to get over their fears. In fact, one of his instructional programs has attracted the attention of the largest metropolitan newspaper in the country. Glen’s annual bus tour of his investment properties has been featured on the front page of The New York Times’ real estate section. Praised for his “easy-going and charismatic personality,” Glen Gallucci firmly believes that one must “position himself (or herself) for profit” if he wants to bring his real estate investing business to the next level.

If you want to learn a great way to make huge profits in real estate, then watch this video now as veteran real estate investor Glen Gallucci teaches you the basics of investing in foreclosures. Get over your fear of buying distressed homes and learn where to find the most profitable properties. Discover all the things you need to know before buying foreclosures so you won’t make the mistakes that most investors commit. If you’re having trouble locating motivated home sellers? Watch this video this very second and learn the right methods on how to find such sellers.
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Buying Foreclosures – Glen Gallucci

Runtime: 1:22:06 | Views: 413

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