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Buying “Subject To” Houses-William Tingle

Buying “Subject To” Houses-William Tingle

Speaker: William Tingle | Runtime: 00:27:54
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After spending two decades in the restaurant business, William Tingle decided to try real estate investing. He left his job and never looked back. Today, William Tingle is a recognized expert when it comes to subject to properties. An author and mentor, this full-time real estate investor is also into rehabbing, wholesaling houses, and lease options.

Dealing with “subject to” properties? This video by William Tingle is a must-watch. Learn the basics of buying subject to houses and listen intently as William Tingle enumerates not only the advantages and perks but the risks involved in this form of real estate investing. Is buying subject to houses legal, moral, and ethical? William Tingle will answer that and more in this video. He will also tell you how you can find sellers who will deed their property to you. If you want marketing tips and the magic word when buying subject to houses, watch this video now.
Tags: William Tingle,Subject To Houses,Real Estate Investing,Buying Subject To Houses,Find Sellers,Marketing Tips,Legal

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  • 2311| Posted: July 3, 2011 04:53:45 PM

    Great info, would like to have heard more. I am very motivated to use this. Thank you

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