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Creative Seller Financing – Larry Harbolt

Creative Seller Financing – Larry Harbolt

Speaker: Larry Harbolt | Runtime: 01:12:12
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Larry Harbolt is one of Clearwater's highly-acclaimed real estate investors. He bought his very first investment in 1984. Larry Harbolt developed a buying system that he uses to buy 10 houses in one week. Investing in real estate has transformed him from being a simple plumber into a high-profile millionaire. To date, Larry Harbolt takes pride of his twenty-five years of experience in buying and selling single family and multiple family homes. In fact, he has one of the most comprehensive buying systems both for beginner and advanced investors.


Aside from buying real estate, Larry Harbolt's is also very passionate about teaching. He provides real estate mentoring to dozens of aspiring investors. He teaches students how to make money fast and how to buy the right properties. He also manages other businesses aside from real estate and is a tireless advocate of helping individuals start and boost their businesses. Larry Harbolt follows a very unique approach that he uses to buy houses - this provides his students a wide range of creative buying techniques.


Today, Larry Harbolt continues to teach basic real estate investing to viewers of a local real estate program. In fact, one of his works was archived by the Library of Congress as part of America's history.


On his free time, Larry Harbolt enjoys doing the three roles that he loves doing the most - being a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He has six children and fifteen grandchildren.

Discover an exceptional way to invest in real estate as nationally acclaimed real estate speaker Larry Harbolt discusses the basics of real estate investing and creative seller financing. Uncover the secrets to buying great investment properties and learn the best, the shortest, and the most creative way to a home seller’s heart. Having trouble asking the “right questions” to a seller? Watch this video now and be amazed as Larry Harbolt teaches you how you can be the one in control during negotiations. He will also share vital details that every real estate investor should know before finding a deal. Want to know the types of properties that would appeal to all kinds of home buyers? Then get your pen and paper ready and watch this video now.
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Creative Seller Financing – Larry Harbolt

Runtime: 01:12:12 | Views: 372

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