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Doing Short Sales The Right Way – Franklin Cruz

Doing Short Sales The Right Way – Franklin Cruz

Speaker: Franklin Cruz | Runtime: 1:17:49
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Franklin Cruz wouldn't be able to achieve the success that he is enjoying today if not for the hardships that he has experienced when he was younger. His experiences, both good and bad, helped shape him into being one of the most formidable names in the real estate investing industry.


Highly motivated, energetic, and tenacious, one cannot easily believe that the young real estate investor is the same Franklin Cruz who endured hardships as a boy and was often bullied by other kids when he was in his teens. While growing up, he acquired true sense of patriotism and decided to join the military to serve the country. While in the US Army, he was sent to various places across the globe, including in the Middle East. His extensive military training and his experiences as a soldier meant a lot to him because it helped the young investor developed good leadership abilities and a better outlook in life.


While serving in the army, Franklin Cruz became interested in real estate investing and decided to do it part-time. During those times, he was pretty much convinced that he would have the chance to become a full-time real estate investor. And after seven years of active duty in the military, Franklin Cruz wasted no time and started working his way into becoming one of the best in the real estate business.


Today, Franklin Cruz is the owner of Cruz Trademarks, LLC, a real estate company he established with his wife, Bridgette. He is also one of the most sough-after speakers on various real estate investing topics such as wholesaling, foreclosures, short sales, probates, condo conversions, mortgages, and structuring deals, among others.

Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities as short sales expert Franklin Cruz discusses the secrets to becoming a successful short sale expert. A former soldier who got hooked on real estate investing after watching a late-night television infomercial, Franklin Cruz will teach you the nuts and bolts of investing in short sales and how you can take advantage of current market trends to boost your business. He will also give you a step-by-step guide on how to make tons of cash through short sales. By the end of this 77-minute video, you will learn the mistakes that you should avoid when making a short sale and discover why having a “never say die” attitude is crucial in the real estate investing business.
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