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Driving Traffic to Your Website - Tony Saccaro

Driving Traffic to Your Website - Tony Saccaro

Speaker: Tony Saccaro | Runtime: 01:06:45
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After earning $10,000 from his first-ever deal, Tony Saccaro decided to focus on real estate investing. Originally from Long Island, New York, Tony Saccaro moved to Tampa, Florida, and founded Big Dawgs Inc. He has since become a master in using Internet marketing, especially video advertisements, to sell real estate properties.

If you want to start driving traffic to your website, videos, or articles, watch this presentation by top real estate investor Tony Saccaro. Also an Internet marketing expert, Tony Saccaro will teach you in detail how to create a video advertisement for your real estate products. You’ll get tips on the best camera, software, and websites for video ads. He will also explain how you can use articles, press releases, and podcasts to advertise your properties. The second part of his video is all about social media and the best social media sites you can use to promote your properties. Tony Saccaro will bombard you with very helpful tips on maximizing the potential of Facebook and Twitter in Internet marketing.
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Driving Traffic to Your Website - Tony Saccaro

Runtime: 01:06:45 | Views: 283

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