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Finding & Contacting Sellers – Darrell Muhammad

Finding & Contacting Sellers – Darrell Muhammad

Speaker: Darrell Muhammad | Runtime: 00:29:23
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Darrell Muhammad started real estate investing in the year 2000 but has studied the industry for more than two decades. Infomercials, seminars, three-day boot camps, books, home study courses – name it and he’s attended, read, and done all that. He is a recognized master in many fields but wholesaling houses is his expertise. Having problems finding and contacting sellers? This is your guy. This Houston, Texas, real estate investor previously served as a sales consultant in the copier industry. Then he moved to commercial long distance before becoming a financial advisor who handled accounts worth millions of dollars. It was, however, in real estate investing and info-marketing where he found real success. Darrell Muhammad believes that a lot of neophyte or wanna-be investors struggle at first because they don’t know what area of real estate they really want to venture in. All they know is that this industry is profitable. But with all the possible avenues, choosing the right road can sometimes be hard, he admits. So, neophytes should be able to assess their resources the right way and then compare these to the requirements of specific investing methods they are considering. Time, money, credit, assets, savings, investment experience, and work experience are some of these resources. “This process will take the emotions out and get you closer to choosing the right approach for you,” Darrell Muhammad says. He used the same process and found out that the best investing method for beginners, as far as he is concerned, is actually wholesaling houses. “So which area provides the greatest return with the least amount of risk? Good question. Very simply, wholesaling,” he stresses. For those who feel the same way and believe that wholesaling houses, among other real estate investing methods, is perfect for them, Darrell Muhammad is one mentor you must listen to. Go check out his videos and informative material here now.

Wholesaling houses expert Darrell Muhammad shares some of his secrets when finding and contacting sellers. Listen as he explains how you can identify nice neighborhoods and what “war zones” are. You will also learn how to trace owners of properties using the property tax roll and how to get their phone numbers and addresses. After finding them, know how to talk to your prospective sellers. Darrell Muhammad lists down three things to remember when you pick up the phone and talk to owners. As a bonus, you’ll get insights on due diligence and comps, or comparable market analysis. Want to know where to get comps without tapping the MLS? Watch this video now to discover all this and more.

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User Comments

  • 74229| Posted: October 18, 2012 06:38:14 PM

    I really liked how you explained the details.

  • 2311| Posted: July 3, 2011 11:46:41 PM

    Less than 1/2 of the takp played. Darrell was informative and very excited

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Finding & Contacting Sellers – Darrell Muhammad

Runtime: 00:29:23 | Views: 1242

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