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Finding Deals and Leads Free - Darren Dicke

Finding Deals and Leads Free - Darren Dicke

Speaker: Darren Dicke | Runtime: 00:42:11
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A few years ago, Darren Dicke received a call from his dad who persuaded him to try real estate investing. After entering three colleges and working for a few companies without satisfaction, he thought it was worth a try. He then watched some CDs by Ron LeGrand, went on to find his first deal, and the rest was history.


He admits that at that time, the only idea he had about the word "mortgage" was that it was related to real estate property and payment. He tried nevertheless and his first few projects turned out to be a success. After learning a bit about wholesaling houses, he found two deals that resulted in an $11,000 profit and a cash flow of $700 monthly. It was then that he decided that real estate investing, wholesaling houses in particular, was the business for him.


Dubbed the "The Wholesale Real Estate Guy," Darren Dicke is now a recognized investor across the country. His business operates in Ohio. He has flipped over 100 properties and is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. He specializes in wholesaling houses although he has also excelled in rehabbing, short sales, subject-to homes, lease options, and land contracts. This no non-sense investor owns rental units but his heart still belongs to wholesaling. So for those who want to know how to wholesale houses profitably, Darren Dicke is your guy.


As a teacher, Darren Dicke is described by his students as a mentor who uses "simple but effective" techniques. He is also known for finding sellers and buyers using cost-efficient methods. In Columbus, Ohio, he is known as the "king of bandit signs." Those who want to learn about "street marketing" also need to lend their ears to this real estate mentor.

Wholesaling expert Darren Dicke is a master in finding deals and leads free and he’ll expose his methods in this video. He’ll tell you what you can do with for rent signs and for sale by owner signs. Listen as he makes an actual phone conversion with a potential buyer he found by driving around. He will also share the 4 questions he asks landlords or property managers to get seller or buyer leads. This video also features an actual drive around a Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood where he found over 40 potential real estate deals – and therefore profit opportunities – in less than 13 minutes! As a bonus, this presentation also features how you can find deals by using the Section 8 list. Building a seller and buyer’s list will be easier with these Darren Dicke methods.
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  • 59489| Posted: June 28, 2013 01:17:00 AM

    Thank you, that was extremely helpful and I will take your advice & make it happen.

  • 2311| Posted: July 2, 2011 05:05:03 PM

    This was simply great. I felt like I was right there with you and it made me very motivated to get out and drive for $. I have read this in books but seeing it really helps. Thank you so much.

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