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Finding Motivated Sellers – Larry Hoffman

Finding Motivated Sellers – Larry Hoffman

Speaker: Larry Hoffman | Runtime: 01:31:51
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Since 2001, Larry Hoffman has been active in Texas' real estate scene. Passionate about buyers and sellers, Mr. Hoffman enjoys representing both parties. Whether you are looking for someone to help you sell your property or someone to sell you a property - Larry Hoffman is definitely the right person to approach.


Larry Hoffman earned his first Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation in February of 2005. This designation has helped him in various ways - not only about real estate investing but about life in general as well. His ABR designation gave him a better and deeper understanding on how to deal with potential buyers who are looking for properties. To date, Larry Hoffman is one of the top producing agents in Texas. In his company alone, he has been among the Top 5 producing agents for the past three years.


Larry Hoffman credits his business-minded wit to his Degree in Accounting, Minor in Business. He always comes to the table with a quick yet accurate grasp of numbers. He is best known for being efficient in balancing all financial aspects of the business while considering the primary demands of the clients.


During his spare time, Larry Hoffman is a proud father of five kids. He is proudest to be "Daddy" and would not mind spending time watching SpongeBob the whole day with his little ones on a weekend. He moved his family from California to New York and upon realizing how stressful life in the Big Apple is, decided to finally settle down in Texas.

To give everybody a better understanding of the real estate industry, Larry Hoffman starts his presentation by giving viewers a brief background on the common problems that many property investors encounter today. Then, he proceeds to the meat and potatoes of the video – marketing and finding motivated sellers. In this video, Larry Hoffman provides a comprehensive guide on how to come up with creative real estate investment techniques that are sure to give your real estate business a boost. He tackles a wide range of strategies – old and new alike – to maximize your profits.
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Finding Motivated Sellers – Larry Hoffman

Runtime: 01:31:51 | Views: 476

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