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Finding Real Estate Deals Part 1 – Than Merrill

Finding Real Estate Deals Part 1 – Than Merrill

Speaker: Than Merrill | Runtime: 1:25:30
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Everybody knows Than Merrill as a former NFL player for the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But today, he has built a solid reputation as one of the top real estate investors in the country. Than Merrill is now a recognized name when it comes to rehabbing and wholesaling houses and real estate investing education.


Born Nathanial Merrill, has starred in A&E's "Flip This House," wherein more people got a glimpse of how he and his team rehabbed properties. Apart from rehabbing, the company he co-founded, CT Homes, LLC, also specializes in wholesaling houses. He and his team have bought over 350 properties so far, buying 8-12 houses monthly. In 2007, his company flipped more than 100 properties and he considers it an achievement. For Than Merrill, having a multi-million venture with his best friends is a dream come true.


His abilities as a football player and real estate investor are beyond doubt, but is a he just as good when it comes to mentoring? Than Merrill has gone beyond from simply investing to sharing his knowledge to neophyte entrepreneurs. Testament to his expertise is the demand for his presence in real estate seminars and boot camps across the country. As a real estate speaker and coach, he has shared the stage with the likes of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. This Yale University alumnus also hopes to open a charitable organization that will assist college graduates and starting entrepreneurs succeed in the real estate business in the future.


As for his advice to those who wish to succeed in rehabbing and wholesaling houses, or any other form of real estate investing: Give one hour of your day to education. Than Merrill recommends spending an hour in a quiet room and reading information about a one's business of choice. "As an athlete we have to train our bodies everyday and as a business person we must train our minds. It is no different," he said.

Are you tired of looking for home sellers but to no avail? In this video, “Flip This House” star Than Merrill will teach you the secrets to what he does best – finding killer deals for his wholesaling business! Listen intently as Than Merrill discusses the ways to create absolutely amazing marketing campaigns that will make motivated home sellers come knocking at your door. Learn how to generate more leads by creating “compelling messages.” And if you think building a very, very long list of home sellers is too hard for you to handle, think again as Than Merrill will show you a more systematic way of completing such a money-making task.
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Finding Real Estate Deals Part 1 – Than Merrill

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