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Finding Real Estate Investors Online - Sam Bell

Finding Real Estate Investors Online - Sam Bell

Speaker: Sam Bell | Runtime: 41:01
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Many believe that Sam Bell is the country's #1 Internet marketer & Web2.0 expert in the field of real estate and real estate investing. If you have any problem with that, you can argue with his 23,300 followers on Twitter.


Sam Bell has managed to merge the profitability of the real estate investing with the marketing power of the Internet using his fresh strategies. He is credited for revolutionizing the way real estate investors market their products. From relying solely to yard signs and other conventional advertisement methods, investors now have realized the power of the World Wide Web in reaching their target markets and Sam Bell is the mentor for those who want to seize this power as well. No more driving for "for sale" signs and knocking on doors of random people giving away your business card, Sam says.


At the age of 18, this Trenton native started his career with network marketing. With an IT background, he established Netmarket Resources, LLC, his own Internet marketing company. He got involved with real estate investing in 2004 and never looked back since then. From real estate investing and Internet marketing, Sam Bell has also started to move to coaching, sharing his knowledge to investors who want to boost their businesses through the Web. He is considered a force in this niche and trailblazer. The education he shares leans on continuous learning and exposure to the latest available technologies.


Today, he is a renowned real estate investor, real estate mentor, real estate speaker, and Internet marketer. Despite his achievements at a young age, Sam Bell still has an aim he hopes to accomplish everyday: "My goal in life is to be a blessing and have a positive impact on the lives of as many people that I can reach in my lifetime for the glorification of the Kingdom of God."

Are you tired of driving around looking for yard signs? Then say goodbye to this practice by listening to real estate investing and online marketing experts Sam Bell and Mark Jackson. The duo will demonstrate how you can pull out contact details of your prospective investors and buyers online. This breakthrough technique, still unavailable anywhere on the net, will get you names, addresses, and even phone numbers without leaving your seat! Be awed at how this very powerful tool utilizes the Internet to bring you the deals. No more driving around in search of “for sale” signs, no more knocking on doors to give your calling card. Listen to Sam Bell and Mark Jackson for 40 minutes and your real estate investing career will surely change forever. We kid you not.
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