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Fix and Flip Finding Deals – Jerry Norton

Speaker: Jerry Norton | Runtime: 01:23:01
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Jerry Norton is an expert in wholesaling houses and rehabbing homes. Over the years, he has developed his own system of funding deals. So if financing and those forms of real estate investing interest you, you’re looking at the bio of the mentor you would want to learn from.

Holding a Bachelors Degree in Business, Jerry Norton initially operated a boring business with his brother. “Boring” had something to do with drilling. However, it took on another meaning for Jerry as he realized that he was getting nowhere despite his efforts year after year. The business has become literally “uninteresting.” Also a licensed real estate broker, he decided to try his luck in real estate investing.

This Michigan investor initially tried rental properties. Working with a real estate wholesaler for his first rentals, he discovered the potential of flipping houses. He knew real estate was the right path for him after earning $52,000 in his first month as a wholesaler.

He then transitioned to rehabbing homes. Today, he owns two real estate brokerages and closes approximately 50 deals every year, with each property averaging $25,000-$50,000 in net profit! Over the last three years alone, he has closed over 200 deals – wholesale and fix and flip.

Jerry Norton loves to teach other investors his techniques and systems for fixing and flipping residential properties. He has taught hundreds of investors in his hometown of Oakland County and many others from all over the country.

Married with 5 children, he enjoys boating, wakeboarding, and scuba diving when he’s not working. He also enjoys coaching his kids sports events, serving in his church, vacationing, and spending time with his family. 


Jerry Norton will show how he finds deals month in and month out for his fix and flip business in this video. This Michigan investor uses the MLS and the aid of real estate agents to find deals in his county. He’ll discuss the difference between under-priced REOs and over-priced REOs. Listen as he reveals the exact words he uses to build a relationship with listing agents. Those who want to learn how to make a solid offer to a bank will also get a handful from this presentation. The latter part of the video is an explanation on the ARV, or after repair value, and various methods of finding out the ARV of a property. Jerry Norton will also teach you how to analyze comps and why they are extremely important, especially if you are new in the market.


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  • 28941| Posted: January 3, 2011 12:17:38 PM

    i really hate it with videos that keep running as if there was no problem with the video... and then all of a sudden the thing just suddendly stops!!! and it is buffering... for a minute, then it is all of a sudden already 5 minutes had gone by. and it is still buffering!!!\\ what a bunch of ??@@@***&&$$$

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