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Free Craigslist Buyers List - Josh Schoenly

Free Craigslist Buyers List - Josh Schoenly

Speaker: Josh Schoenly | Runtime: 00:45:07
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Before Josh Schoenly became a full-time investor in Pennsylvania, he was a health and physical education teacher. Despite leaving the campus, he never lost his passion for educating people. Now, apart from being a real estate investor and agent, he is also a mentor in many aspects of this industry. He has done wholesaling houses, rehabbing, and rental properties, among others. However, he is better known for “cracking the code” of using Craigslist to build a buyers list. He now owns a company that supplies real estate investors various properties at wholesale prices – of course, using his massive buyers list. They operate in Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Berks, Lebanon, and Luzerne counties. His firm also links investors to lenders to help them proceed with their deals. Not only that, he is also growing a portfolio of over 50 rental properties – a feat that he has managed to do even if he has been in the business for only a few years. To start investing in real estate, Josh Schoenly believes that one must pay attention to four things: education, planning, team building, circle of influence, and right sellers. To get more ideas about these things, watch his videos here, now. Asked what types of properties he thinks are the best pieces to invest in, he has one answer: single-family homes. For Josh, homes are the best investments people can make. “What is the best investment your parents ever made? Many of you will say that your parents' best investment would have to be their homes,” he says. In an article, he tells readers that investing in single-family homes means securing a better future for one’s family. “What would the life of the Senior Citizen working at the fast food restaurant be like today had they invested in real estate earlier in their lives? Would they still be mopping the floors and cleaning ketchup off of the tables? I don't want to see you cleaning floors; instead, my goal with this book is to motivate you to just invest in a few single-family homes. That's it.” When he’s not working, Josh spends time with his wife, his newborn son, and his two dogs in their central Pennsylvania home. You can sometimes catch him watching football games or reading book in a park.

Want to build a huge buyers list for free? Do it through Craigslist with the help of Pennsylvania real estate investor and agent Josh Schoenly. This mentor will teach you how to use his Craigslist Marketing Matrix, a system that allowed him to collect thousands and thousands of leads through the free posting site. This step-by-step tutorial is done in detail, starting from account creation to tracking of your marketing. Listen as he reveals how he went from hours a day to just minutes a day posting effective ads in Craigslist. Familiar with ghosting, flagging, image posting? What is the best time to post ads in this site? What are the top three mistakes that real estate investors commit when using this free posting site to build a buyers list? Josh Schoenly reveals all this and more in this video. Watch it now.

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  • 755905| Posted: August 23, 2010 02:31:33 PM

    This is some cool stuff. I knew some off this but not not how to put it together. i see where my mistakes are coming from I should be able to wholesale a house in about a month and get at least 10 buyers

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Free Craigslist Buyers List - Josh Schoenly

Runtime: 00:45:07 | Views: 965

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