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Get Started in Real Estate Investing–Ron LeGrand

Get Started in Real Estate Investing–Ron LeGrand

Speaker: Ron LeGrand | Runtime: 01:00:38
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A former auto mechanic, Ron LeGrand is one of the most successful real estate investors and mentors in the country today. Bankrupt and having no direction in his life, he got interested in joining the real estate business after seeing an advertisement for a free real estate investing seminar in the early 1980s. Since then, Ron LeGrand has bought and sold more than 1,600 single-family homes and completed $300-million worth of commercial property deals with student partners in many parts of the country. Dubbed the “millionaire maker,” he has also authored a number of books and created dozens of home study products for those who want to be just like him.

Do you want to discover how to earn money working only five hours a week? Watch this video now and learn as “millionaire maker” Ron LeGrand teaches you the basics of real estate investing. Find out why being a real estate investor is easier than being a surgeon or a pilot. If you think it is impossible to earn six figures a year despite the bad economy, think again. Ron LeGrand will introduce you to five easy and quick ways to make money in the business. To keep you motivated, Ron will also share with you how a 35-year-old penniless auto mechanic was able to earn thousands of dollars in his first year as an investor.
Tags: Real Estate Investing,Short Sales,Ron LeGrand,Investing In Real Estate,Wholesaling,Rehabbing,Equity,Foreclosures,Owner Financing,Automation

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