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Girls Can Wholesale, Too – Brenda Ayala

Girls Can Wholesale, Too – Brenda Ayala

Speaker: Brenda Ayala | Runtime: 1:22:55
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Brenda Ayala-Figueruelo is a prime example that you can make it big in the real estate investing business with the right attitude and outlook in life. From an ordinary office worker who experienced bankruptcy first-hand, she worked her way up to become the president of New Heights Properties of Tampa, Common Ground Property Investments, and New Heights Financial.


Originally from Tampa, Florida, Brenda Ayala went on to work as a singer and a corporate worker in Nashville. However, she was laid off several times and ended up returning to Tampa after going bankrupt. Back in her hometown, she worked for a TV station doing voice-overs and sales. Brenda Ayala felt miserable because she wasn't getting the results she was expecting.


Everything changed when she met a co-worker who was earning lots of money. Brenda Ayala asked what that co-worker was doing to earn extra income and the latter told her that she was wholesaling houses. Her curiosity piqued, Brenda Ayala asked her co-worker how to do it and the latter taught her how to wholesale a property.


Brenda Ayala's co-worker also agreed to be her partner on her first deal and from then on, the female real estate investor never looked back. Since that fateful day, Brenda Ayala has flipped more than 100 houses. She also ventured into other real estate niches and is now managing a full-service construction company that remodels and/or constructs properties.


Aside from investing in real estate, Brenda Ayala-Figueruelo is also into mentoring. She is a well-recognized real estate speaker, having lectured at dozens of seminars across the country. According to her, teaching others how to succeed in real estate is one of the things that she enjoys the most and would do for free.

And sometimes even much better! Find out how Brenda Ayala literally escaped the inner city ghetto and cuts through the hype with a no BS attitude how to get started and make money fast in real estate investing. She is living proof that with the right strategies and tools there is money to be made in any real estate market no matter the location. If you ever had any doubts you can’t do this, they will be gone by the end of the video.
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Girls Can Wholesale, Too – Brenda Ayala

Runtime: 1:22:55 | Views: 507

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