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How To Sell Houses Fast - Tim Taylor

How To Sell Houses Fast - Tim Taylor

Speaker: Tim Taylor | Runtime: 00:44:11
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Tim Taylor is a full-time real estate coach based in Florida. After completing his college education, he managed a small manufacturing firm and helped the company grow their annual net profit from $400,000 to more than $3 million in six years. While being employed full-time with the manufacturing firm, Tim Taylor also worked as a part-time real estate investor. In 1998, he quit his job and became a full-time real estate investor. In less than five years, Tim Taylor has owned more than 100 single-family rental properties and numerous multi-unit apartment complexes. He also bought, rehabbed, and sold more than 200 properties during this time. Having pledged to himself that he would retire from real estate investing within ten years, Tim Taylor sold all his properties in 2004 and became a multi-millionaire. He moved to Florida to fulfill his dream of living the “easy life.” However, the Northeast Ohio native quickly got bored with his life and decided to become a full-time real estate mentor so that he could help other investors achieve what he has achieved. Known as a consummate learner, Tim Taylor has been mentored by big-name personalities such as “millionaire maker” Ron LeGrand, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Tony Robbins, and James Ray. Participating in the programs of the aforementioned entrepreneurs has taught him the value of quality and hands-on mentoring. Now Tim Taylor is giving it back by providing quality and hands-on real estate education to investors.

Renowned real estate coach Tim Taylor will share in this video investing secrets that has made him a multi-millionaire before he turned 40! Watch and learn as Tim Taylor goes into detail on how to find motivated sellers, how to sell houses fast (he once sold 13 houses in one month), and how to market your properties. He will also discuss options to purchase, his favorite investing method. Want to know how you can make motivated sellers contact you instead of the other way around? Then watch this video now and learn that plus other real estate investing tips that would make you stand out from other investors.
Tags: motivated sellers,tim taylor,options to purchase,real estate investing tips,real estate coach

User Comments

  • R.Daugherty| Posted: January 3, 2011 03:38:34 AM

    That was amazing Tim!

  • 23729| Posted: November 12, 2010 04:39:28 PM

    Thank you Tim! Very clear & concise information. Love the motivation, too!

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How To Sell Houses Fast - Tim Taylor

Runtime: 00:44:11 | Views: 446

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