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Intro to Facebook and Twitter - Adam Kappel

Intro to Facebook and Twitter - Adam Kappel

Speaker: Adam Kappel | Runtime: 53:17
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Adam Kappel is, among many things, a real estate investor, Internet marketer, and emerging speaker. He took the leap in to real estate at the young age of sixteen years old along with his parents, buying and holding properties as well as doing rehabs. He later went on to start up a successful wholesaling houses business in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. Adam Kappel began his journey handling all the marketing operations of the real estate business. Being young, Adam knew the advantages of a business having a good Internet presence, and started building immediately. Within eight months, he helped catapult the business online and grow a following of over 30,000 people.


Adam has begun recently sharing and coaching his techniques with other real estate investors and helping them launch their business to the top of the Internet with minimal time and effort. He has helped numerous business owners see success through social media and other Internet marketing techniques and is now ready to help you take your business to the next level. Go watch Adam Kappel videos here now.


Among the many things you'll learn from this master marketer is harvesting the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. "Without question the Internet has grown tremendously since its inception many, many years ago. There's also no doubt that social networking has seen substantial growth in just the past five years. If Facebook were a country it would the fourth largest in the world, just behind China, India, and the United States," he says. Adam Kappel believes that social media is no longer a fad; it's a fundamental shift in the way that we all communicate.


He thinks it's a way for businesses to shift and meet their marketing needs. But while any real estate investor can have a Facebook profile and send a few tweets on Twitter, most don't understand how to make the conversion from friend and follower to buyer and/or seller. You're lucky though because Adam Kappel can help you with that problem.

A frontrunner in real estate investing and Internet marketing, Adam Kappel will tell you in this video why you need to learn about social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Listen as he explains how you can organize business contacts in Facebook and prevent your account from being terminated. He will also explain the best features of this social networking website. The second portion of the video tackles Twitter, what you can tweet about so you don’t run out of ideas. Adam Kappel will tell you the power of “retweeting” and how you can build a huge network of followers without being sanctioned by Twitter. As a bonus, he’ll reveal the tool he personally uses to manage all his social media accounts – allowing him to post messages in various accounts by just visiting one website.
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Intro to Facebook and Twitter - Adam Kappel

Runtime: 53:17 | Views: 425

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