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Introduction To Wholesaling - Gary Boomershine

Introduction To Wholesaling - Gary Boomershine

Speaker: Gary Boomershine | Runtime: 1:48:45
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To say Gary Boomershine is an expert in real estate marketing is a huge understatement. Even top real estate investors are using his marketing systems. Also a speaker and followed blogger, Boomershine is the "boom" you'll need to market your real estate business.


Asked about his philosophy, Gary says it is possible to make tons of cash in creative real estate by getting an abundance of motivated and qualified sellers and buyers calling you each and every day without you ever lifting a finger. It may sound too proud to many but the man has done it and now he's teaching others execute it as well. He is a staple speaker in elite marketing and real estate seminars across the country. Those who want to learn about the 6M's of marketing must watch his presentation. As a teacher, Gary believes all these M's must be accomplished to make a marketing campaign effective.


He was exposed early to the real estate world, with his family owning a brokerage firm in the San Francisco Bay area. He worked his way through college as a real estate agent. After earning his engineering degree from the University of California-Davis, he started a career in technology at Silicon Valley. Handling Fortune 500 accounts, he became a master of trouble shooting and problem solving. It was his tech career that also led him to learn about business process automation.


He then founded Sales Team Live, which specializes in direct mail marketing. Gary Boomershine believes that direct mail remains the best marketing tool for any entrepreneur, especially real estate investors. As CEO, he leads his team in helping neophyte investors boos their real estate investing through direct and automated marketing. Investors who want to learn marketing with less money, time, and effort must lend their ears to "Boomer," as much of the real estate circle calls Gary.

Marketing expert Gary Boomershine will teach you how to use automated direct mail to boost your real estate investing business. He lists down the three major challenges faced by investors and the “mantra” that will solve all these problems. If you want to know how to “make tons of cash in creative real estate by getting an abundance of motivated and qualified sellers and buyers calling you each and every day without you ever lifting a finger,” this is the video for you. Gary Boomershine, a successful real estate investor and the founder of Sales Team Live, also enumerates the 6M’s of a marketing campaign and what you need to do to get them all right. You will learn in this presentation why direct mail still is and will remain the best way to market your business.
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Introduction To Wholesaling - Gary Boomershine

Runtime: 1:48:45 | Views: 527

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