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Killer Negotiating Tactics - Kenneth Gills

Killer Negotiating Tactics - Kenneth Gills

Speaker: Kenneth Gills | Runtime: 00:57:58
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Kenneth Gills III is a name that has been equated with negotiating. This Baltimore, Maryland, investor closes more real estate deals, thanks to this killer negotiating tactics. If this is one area of your real estate investing business that needs some sharpening, Kenneth Gills will provide you the edge you need. Apart from negotiating, Kenneth Gills is a master speaker when it comes to marketing, mindset, deal structuring, and much more. For investors who want to learn about rehabbing and wholesaling houses – perhaps two of the most effective investing strategies today – here is your mentor. He is a staple resource person in real estate investing clubs in Maryland and other parts of the country. Kenneth Gills continues to educate neophyte real estate investors through a weekly hour-long radio show in Baltimore. Kenneth Gills experience has allowed him and his team to deal with both single family homes to bulk REO packages. He has also managed to rehab properties, even in Baltimore’s challenging areas. Over the years, Kenneth has managed to establish and lead the direction for a real estate investment firm, The Gilliard Group. He is now its principle owner and main real estate strategist. His group encompasses a wide array of real estate investing niches, from construction to sales, to acquisitions, to tenant placement, to financing, and even commercial properties. The group has been operating in Baltimore City since the year 2000. Its success in the local rehabbing scene has been made sweeter by its commitment to hiring residents as contractors, helping spur employment in the area. For negotiating, wholesaling houses, rehabbing, or real estate investing in general, Kenneth Gills is a mentor worth listening to. Search and watch his videos here, now.

Baltimore real estate investor Kenneth Gills III will teach you what the actual key to effective negotiation is. Learn how you can talk your way to wealth by getting more “yes” responses from your prospect clients. Using his actual wholesaling experiences as examples, Kenneth Gills will show you how to determine the real value of the property by listening to the seller. What negotiating lesson do you have to learn from girl scouts selling cookies? How do you make the other party think that you’re an expert? Is establishing eye contact always healthy when negotiating? Who’s the better negotiator, men or women? Don’t watch this video right now and regret not knowing the answers to these questions for life.

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User Comments

  • 34177| Posted: March 17, 2011 03:45:31 PM

    This looked like a fun event to attend. OMG, you are so funny and that is what makes learning so much more fun. Thanks!

  • 2615| Posted: September 2, 2010 11:35:41 PM

    Kenneth is very down to earth.

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Killer Negotiating Tactics - Kenneth Gills

Runtime: 00:57:58 | Views: 505

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