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Luxury Homes Negotiation – Marco Kozlowski

Luxury Homes Negotiation – Marco Kozlowski

Speaker: Marco Kozlowski | Runtime: 00:40:39
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Marco Kozlowski is your man when it comes to investing in luxury homes. But before he was able to turn “mansions into mountains of money,” he was a struggling musician with four kids and barely making ends meet. He even joked about himself then, saying the only difference between him and a large pepperoni pizza was that the pizza can actually feed a family of four. With his credit in bad shape and money spent even before it comes, this real estate investor simply knew he should do something. “I was miserable and knew I not only deserved more, but that my family did as well,” he said in his website. As he was channel surfing one night in 1999, probably to relieve a bit of the stress he was then facing, he stumbled upon a real estate investing infomercial. He found it interesting and bought a course package for $350. That money was, by the way, reserved for expenses for the remainder of that month. He managed to get a $7,000 check from his first real estate investing deal in a month. He was convinced that real estate was the career path he should take. With new found knowledge, Marco Kozlowski started buying rental properties without using his own money. Tenants, however, turned out to be very uncooperative. He ended up with, again, no money. He would have given up if not for an owner who desperately needed to sell his mansion. This was a seller who initially did not agree to Marco’s offer. But because Marco Kozlowski was the only investor who built a good rapport with the seller a few months back, he got the deal. From then on, his expertise on luxury homes investing and negotiation grew. Today, Marco Kozlowski is a recognized mentor and speaker on luxury properties and building rapport with sellers, lenders, and buyers across the country.

A master in luxury homes investing, Marco Kozlowski, will show you how you should talk to home sellers to build good rapport with them. In this video, he makes an actual phone call to the owner of a property that has been listed for $11 million. Listen as he breaks down what needs to be done to the property to earn profit from it and help the seller solve his problems. He will also tell you whether dealing with hard money lenders is risky and if building rapport with sellers is possible through email. This video is a must-watch for real estate investors who want to dabble into luxury homes investing.
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Luxury Homes Negotiation – Marco Kozlowski

Runtime: 00:40:39 | Views: 321

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