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Make Big Money On Every Lead - Marty Schulting

Make Big Money On Every Lead - Marty Schulting

Speaker: Marty Schulting | Runtime: 00:39:59
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A full-time real estate investor in North Carolina, Marty Schulting spent 11 years flying fighter jets and bomber jets with the Air Force. He also taught pilots how to maneuver these heavy metals in the sky. Now, he’s teaching investors how to “reach the sky” through real estate investing. A master of short sales and foreclosure investing, Marty Schulting is also renowned for his system that allows investors to profit from all the leads they get.

What do you do with dead real estate investing deals? If the home owner does not sell you the property, is that the end of a profit opportunity? Successful real estate investor Marty Schulting says “not yet.” In this video, Marty Schulting will teach you how you can make big money on every lead that you get. Learn how you can make easy money in today’s real estate market – a buyer’s market. Much of the system Marty Schulting will explain concerns loan modifications, debt settlement, forensic loan audits, and mortgage referrals. But don’t worry if they sound mundane. You will not do them; you will just profit from them.
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Make Big Money On Every Lead - Marty Schulting

Runtime: 00:39:59 | Views: 496

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