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Making Tempting Offers to Sellers – Mike Jacka

Making Tempting Offers to Sellers – Mike Jacka

Speaker: Mike Jacka | Runtime: 01:12:19
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Mike Jacka has been in the real estate investing business since 1992. However, things did not start well for him during his first few years in the business. Even though he was a contractor and has acquired a number of rehab projects, Mike wasn’t still able to make the profits that he dreamed of. To jumpstart his career, he decided to buy late-night real estate courses sold on the television. Still, Mike Jacka was down on his luck as he spent some of his savings on instructional materials that weren’t able to give him the results he was hoping for. Then one day, he met veteran real estate mentor Ron LeGrand and it was the moment that Mike has been waiting for. Mike Jacka’s life turned for the better as he studied under the nationally acclaimed mentor. It was also during those times that he met the key players in the real estate business, including Ron LeGrand’s associate, Ray Rach. According to him, he really learned a lot from Ray Rach. The seasoned investor provided Mike with all the guidance he needed and introduced him to the people who helped him become who he is right now. Inspired by his mentors, Mike Jacka is keen on helping newbie investors achieve the success that he is enjoying today. Aside from making huge profits investing in properties, he is busy providing education to those who want to learn the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. Mike Jacka is also encouraging beginners to learn from the best in the business and to apply the knowledge they have obtained from real estate gurus.

Watch this video now and significantly improve your negotiating skills with home sellers. Get your paper and pen ready as Mike Jacka shares the magic formula on creating offers that home sellers cannot resist. In this video, the seasoned real estate investor will teach you how you can make a killer offer, regardless of what the homeowner wants. Find out why it is important to give sellers various options and discover why you should avoid making multiple offers to banks and lenders. So if you don’t take a seller’s rejection too well, watch Mike Jacka’s video now!
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Making Tempting Offers to Sellers – Mike Jacka

Runtime: 01:12:19 | Views: 598

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