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Managing Real Estate Leads – Judson Voss

Managing Real Estate Leads – Judson Voss

Speaker: Judson Voss | Runtime: 01:57:32
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Judson Voss is an investor you may know as the co-host of real estate investing shows "The REI Minute" and "Get Real." As a host, he has interviewed national educators like Garrett Sutton and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki. However, his favorite interviews are those with other regular investors. As a mentor, he also has the same thrust - learning from and educating neophyte investors.


This Charlotte, NC, real estate investor's main educational focus is to assist new investors in getting their businesses up and running quickly and sensibly by bringing in the most qualified leads as fast as possible for the least amount of money. If these things sound interesting, watch his videos now.


Judson Voss has been investing in mainly single family homes for the past 7 years. In today's market, he is focusing on creative financing options, including subject-to's, owner financing, and wholesaling short sales to retail customers with transactional funding. For those who feel that their future possibly lies in real estate investing, Judson Voss has a challenge for you: "Isn't it time you learned how to capitalize on one of the best markets for real estate investing that this country has ever seen?"


For this expert host and mentor, beginners actually do not have to fear real estate investing. Instead, it's something that they should know and make money from. He has a few reminders though, especially to those who want to profit from foreclosures. "If you have been thinking about jumping on the foreclosed homes bandwagon and making some pretty good money off of these homes, then it may seem like a simple process. Get a foreclosed home listing, make an offer close to the listed price and cash in. Unfortunately as with anything in life it is not quite that simple," he writes.


He stresses that for you to be able to rake in huge profits in today's real estate market, you need "hard work and a little knowledge." Go start that hard work by improving your knowledge now.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to answer one of the biggest questions that many real estate investors ask: “How do I manage leads effectively?” Real estate investing expert Judson Voss teams up with his wife, Lynn, in this highly entertaining and informative video to shed light on one of the most important aspects of investing in real estate – finding deals. Want to know the best way to get your phone ringing off the hook? Or perhaps you want to know how you should make offers to motivated home sellers now that you have attracted their attention? Watch this video now and learn how to effectively manage real estate leads.
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Managing Real Estate Leads – Judson Voss

Runtime: 01:57:32 | Views: 395

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