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Marketing Espionage Part 1 - Jason Hanson

Marketing Espionage Part 1 - Jason Hanson

Speaker: Jason Hanson | Runtime: 00:33:27
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Jason Hanson started investing in real estate way back in college. Back then though, he had no clear direction to take. He admits that for his first two deals, he actually paid a retail price. He proceeded nevertheless. “I knew I had a passion for this business,” he explained. He worked for the government until two tragedies changed his life. His wife left him and his mother died of cancer in the same year. “These tragic events made me realize that life is too short not to follow your dreams. I never wanted to work a 9-5 job for my entire career,” he said. Like most real estate investors, Jason Hanson believes that he should not spend working away his life, to think that nobody is actually guaranteed to reach the retirement age. “I just didn't want to waste my life working to make someone else rich.” That was the start of his career as a full-time real estate investor. Learning the hard way that he won’t make money by paying retail, he studied methods on how to buy real estate without spending his own cash. He turned his car into a “travelling university,” listening to real estate investing CDs. He attended various seminars and conferences on the industry and soon launched his business with renewed confidence. Since then, he has managed to close millions of dollars worth of real estate deals. He is considered an expert when it comes to short sales, foreclosures, lease options, subject-to, and wholesaling, with the last three being his favorite methods of making money in real estate. He is also known for his espionage marketing technique. His interviews with credible agencies like MSNBC and Consumer's Digest are testament to his knowledge. From being an investor, he branched out to being an author and mentor. “Now I am dedicating my life to helping others succeed in this business. I'm an Eagle Scout and I believe in operating under the highest ethical and legal standards,” he said. This Virginian investor, who believes that whatever he does to others will return to him tenfold, added that he is willing to teach anyone who is “ready, willing, and dedicated” to achieve their dreams through real estate investing.

Want to learn how to leave your local competitors by miles? Watch this video of Jason Hanson on marketing espionage. A former CIA employee, Jason Hanson will teach you how you can use direct mail marketing to get the highest quality leads. He will also tell you about absentee landlords and why you need to start sending letters to them. He will expose the 3 types of letters that draw sellers to you in this presentation. Watch this video and you will learn about zero Internet marketing and how you can determine the types of houses you must look for in your area. This video, the first of two parts, concludes with the importance of testimonial letters and how they can help you close deals.
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Marketing Espionage Part 1 - Jason Hanson

Runtime: 00:33:27 | Views: 464

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