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Millionaire Landlord Interview - Scott Nachatilo

Millionaire Landlord Interview - Scott Nachatilo

Speaker: Scott Nachatilo | Runtime: 00:24:52
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Scott Nachatilo became a millionaire through real estate investing. What separated him from the rest though is his belief in doing both short-term and long-term methods of investing in real estate. Based on what he has achieved so far, it appears that this two-pronged approach is effective. So whether you’re interested in quick money-making methods like rehabbing and wholesaling houses, or managing rentals for years, you are up for packed and relevant content from Scott Nachatilo. This professional real estate investor has been buying, selling, and leasing real estate in the Oklahoma City area since 1996. He now owns Integrity Home Buyers, a company that buys investment properties in the city. Scott said that when he started investing in real estate, he just wanted to earn passive income so he can quit his job. “It’s always been my dream to have my own successful business. I achieved that goal in 2003,” he says. Two years later Scott Nachatilo and his wife, Stefani, co-authored “Weekend Warriors Guide to Real Estate.” Being a full-time real estate investor helped propel Scott’s business to new heights. He initially didn’t have the interest to teach people how he was making huge money from real estate investing. Teaching, after all, takes a lot of time and effort. “But one of my mentors convinced that I should also give back. So I began teaching and mentoring real estate investors,” he says. That was the beginning of his journey as a real estate mentor. He partners Robert Elder in teaching students about the business. Asked on what investing method is ideal for beginners, Scott Nachatilo says neophytes should try wholesaling houses first. “There is no doubt that doing wholesale flips is a great way for a beginning real estate investor to make some quick cash with very low risk and almost no money whatsoever out of pocket,” he says, adding that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how the business works. However, he still believes that investors should still look at buying and holding real estate in the long run. For more information on flipping houses and buy and hold, watch Scott’s videos here now.

Watch and be inspired as Oklahoma real estate investor and mentor Scott Nachatilo interviews a millionaire landlord. Listen to the story of Robert Elder, who grew his portfolio of rental properties from one multi-family home to over 260 houses to date. Scott Nachatilo also asks Robert Edler about using bank financing and how to approach banks as an investor and not as a home buyer. Take notes as Edler shares some of the mistakes he did when starting in the business and how he manages the headaches of being a landlord. By the way, this landlord also does wholesale deals. Finally, he’ll tell you what kind of attitude you need to have to become a millionaire through buying and holding real estate.

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