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Motivated Buyer + Seller = Big Bucks–Omar Johnson

Motivated Buyer + Seller = Big Bucks–Omar Johnson

Speaker: Omar Johnson | Runtime: 00:41:15
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Omar Johnson is a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. Omar Johnson says that he owes his real estate success to his acquired knowledge in finding motivated sellers and private lending sources. He is the current chief executive officer of Make Profits Easy LLC, a marketing company that aims to help new real estate entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the industry.


Omar Johnson believes that everybody deserves to live a comfortable life, and that determined investors can make money in real estate if they know how to persevere and how to come up with creative marketing strategies that will keep them ahead of competition. Mr. Johnson became popular for his unique marketing campaigns like postcards, flyers, letters, and free report offerings just to name a few. To help neophyte investors, Omar Johnson mentors investors by offering real estate education courses. More often than not, he tackles topics about his field of expertise - finding motivated sellers and securing private lending.


Mr. Johnson credits his under-graduate training for his business-minded nature and marketing wit. He took up a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Wagner College. Omar Johnson graduated in 1988 and has been investing in properties for several years now. He is currently based in the Greater New York City area.

You’ll never look at home buyers and sellers the same way again after watching this video. Discover how you can make money pour into your bank account as seasoned real estate entrepreneur Omar Johnson discusses what every investor should know about when buying and selling investment properties. Learn why you should avoid buying houses from conventional home sellers and find out the importance of having a sound marketing system in your real estate investing business. Want to know how you can quickly resell your investments? Watch this video now and unlock the secrets behind successful negotiations with both home buyers and sellers.
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