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Motivated Sellers 1 - Alex Pardo, Eric Bodiwala

Speaker: Alex Pardo | Runtime: 00:57:09
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Creative RE-Solutions, LLC, owner Alex Pardo is a man of many trades. The Miami, Florida, native strived his way up in the corporate ladder but eventually realized that it won't do him good working to make other people rich. An expert in wholesaling and short sales, Alex Pardo believes that the right mindset and positive attitude are important ingredients for success. Also recognized an expert in financing and marketing, he's trained with many of the recognized real estate gurus in the country. Now, he shares his knowledge with other students who want to learn real estate investing.


Meanwhile, Eric Bodiwala is an expert when it comes to lead generation and real estate investing in general. He has done short sales and wholesaling deals as well. Eric Bodiwala is the owner of My Fast Home Buyers, Inc., which buys houses of various conditions, from those that need a complete rehab to those that are in move-in condition. This Florida International University - College of Business Administration alumni is your guy if you want to learn how to attract motivated sellers for your real estate business.

For expert wholesalers Alex Pardo and Eric Bodiwala, the real action when flipping houses starts with finding motivated sellers – the very blood of this form of real estate investing. This two-part video will show you scores of amazing ways to find motivated sellers – so you can make extra low offers and extra high profits. In this video, Eric Bodiwala will discuss more than a dozen tried and tested lead generation techniques that he uses in his own business. Included in Motivated Sellers 1 are discussions on using bandit signs, birddogs, classified ads, yellow letters, and postcards. Apart from the detailed explanation of each method, you’ll also get to see examples of good postcards and advertisements. Watch it now and boost your marketing tactics.

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