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Multi-Family Homes Investing - Dave Lindahl

Multi-Family Homes Investing - Dave Lindahl

Speaker: Dave Lindahl | Runtime: 1:04:56
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Before he was known to be one of the biggest names in the real estate investing industry, Dave Lindahl was a landscaper living in a one-bedroom apartment. Dead broke and having trouble with his finances, Dave Lindahl decided to try investing in real estate by renovating a foreclosed property for a local bank. Once the project was completed, he accepted another project and it was then that he decided to go all-out to provide a better life for his family.


Having no prior experience in real estate investing, Dave Lindahl started buying and holding small apartment buildings. At first, he was having trouble speaking with sellers and negotiating with buyers. A big inspiration, however, came to him after hearing real estate mogul and former Empire State Building owner Harry Helmsley speak at a seminar.


Dave Lindahl began studying the four phases of the real estate market cycle, as well as the strategies to be used in each stage to maximize profits. Using the information he gathered from his extensive research, he was able to create a system that allowed him to generate positive monthly cash flow. And within three-and-a-half years, Dave Lindahl was able to earn millions of dollars and focus on his retirement.


The real estate investor, however, didn't stop his investing activities. Dave Lindahl remains active in the business and continues to buy and sell properties that have helped him create a portfolio of more than 7,000 units.


Dubbed the "Apartment King," David Lindahl aims to share his experiences and educate those who want to make money in real estate. He has created four home study real estate courses and has written a number of books on investing in real estate, particularly managing apartments for rent. He is also a nationally acclaimed real estate speaker.

“Apartment King” Dave Lindahl will teach you how you can become a millionaire like him by investing in multi-family homes. This video will teach you how to “explode your wealth” through the use of market cycles and how you can earn “massive passive” income without even dealing with apartment tenants. An owner of nearly 7,250 units, Dave Lindahl will also share his secrets to analyzing and attracting deals. Discover why you need to create cash flows through your apartments and how apartment buildings pay for your lifestyle. If you also want to learn the four steps to hassle-free apartment ownership as listed by Dave Lindahl himself, watch this video now.
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Multi-Family Homes Investing - Dave Lindahl

Runtime: 1:04:56 | Views: 465

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