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Outsourcing Your Business – Charles Blair

Outsourcing Your Business – Charles Blair

Speaker: Charles Blair | Runtime: 00:59:01
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Charles Blair was a 9th grade dropout. Looking at his credentials though, you will surely agree that this real estate investor and Internet marketer from Baltimore is more than qualified to give you cutting-edge real estate investing education. The road to success hasn’t always been a smooth one for Charles Clair. He was born and raised in the projects of East Baltimore and dropped out of Rutland Junior High School in grade nine. After spending a number of years trying to make a living (including a stint as a door-to-door Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman in the dead of winter), Charles Blair was taken in by a local real estate investor. Though the job was modest, he was exposed to the exciting world of real estate investing, and he was hooked! Today, he is deemed an expert in fields he has successfully conquered. He is now a leading Baltimore real estate investor. Charles Blair has over 300 deals to his name over the last 18 years. These deals are equivalent to over $20-million worth of properties bought and sold. He has been using strategies such as wholesaling houses, rehabbing, buying property “subject to,” and foreclosures. These methods, needless to say, are very effective in today’s economic environment. If you want to learn these real estate investing methods, click on any of his videos. Apart from real estate investing, Charles Blair has also made a name for himself in the field of Internet and social media marketing. He has spoken at seminars and speaking engagements across the country, educating attendees on cutting-edge solutions to harness the positive power of Web 2.0 properties and the Internet for growth. In addition to his investment and marketing success, Charles Blair has dedicated himself to teaching others about the possibilities available in real estate investing. To this end, he is a member of the board of directors of the Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association, a group dedicated to educating local real estate investors. He is the creator of the monthly “The Real Deal Investment Club,” the host of a weekly radio show, and the co-creator of real estate education group “Aspire America.” Charles Blair owns a portfolio of companies, including one that sources investment properties. With the growth of his companies, he learned about outsourcing and now teaches about it. He believes that while real estate investment isn’t always an easy game, it has given him a lot. Now, he is dedicated to giving back by educating those who are interested in building fortunes through this industry. Go watch his videos today.

Learn some neat techniques when outsourcing your business from real estate investor and master Internet marketer Charles Blair. In this video, you’ll know why you need to outsource some tasks. Listen as he talks about data mining, software development, and other crucial technical stuff you actually don’t need to know personally – because you can just outsource it. Charles Blair also lists down questions to ask yourself before hiring freelancers. He’ll tell you how to send instructions to freelancers the best way and the range of payments you need to give them when you assign a task. He concludes the video with free outsourcing tips and the websites he uses to find freelancers.
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    I don't understand why the reiwired videos won't play on my phone nor my ipad

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Outsourcing Your Business – Charles Blair

Runtime: 00:59:01 | Views: 562

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