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Preforeclosure Investing - Justin Lee

Preforeclosure Investing - Justin Lee

Speaker: Justin Lee | Runtime: 23:59
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An expert in buying and selling homes "creatively," Justin Lee is a versatile real estate entrepreneur who has anything and everything for both home buyers and sellers. A Pennsylvania State University alumnus, Justin Lee has come a long way from being an ordinary Joe to one of the best in the real estate investing business.


Nowadays, Justin Lee has his hands full running two companies. JL Investing, LLC, is a company that specializes in buying and selling residential properties. According to Justin Lee, the company makes it easier for consumers to sell their homes for a fair price, whenever they wanted. Through the company, the real estate investor and his team also strive to help cash-strapped home buyers fulfill the American Dream, as well as help homeowners prevent their properties from being foreclosed by banks.


A renowned real estate speaker, Justin Lee also has something for real estate entrepreneurs who are struggling with their marketing campaigns. He has created a website that provides learning resources for investors who want to develop better marketing skills and strategies and learn more about pre-foreclosures and real estate investing.


When he's not doing anything remotely related to real estate investing, Justin Lee runs, a football blog for fans of Penn State's football team. founder Justin Lee breaks down profit opportunities you can take advantage of in preforeclosure investing. If you want to generate extra commission, additional income, referrals, and get that “money sitting under your nose,” this video is for you. Justin Lee will also reveal the two “magical questions” you must ask your clients when you’re in preforeclosure investing. Do you want to know how you can create a tie-up with local bankruptcy attorneys? Do you want to know what getting leads has got to do with loan modification, debt settlement, and making huge profit with little effort? Click that play button now.
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Preforeclosure Investing - Justin Lee

Runtime: 23:59 | Views: 379

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