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Pretty Houses Vs. Ugly Houses – Anthony Russo

Speaker: Anthony Russo | Runtime: 0:16:13
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Speaker's bio: Anthony Russo is a veteran real estate investor who is also known for his expertise in the field of direct-response marketing. Looking up to Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy as his heroes, this is one mentor you must seriously consider if you want to market your real estate business to greater heights. Anthony, who calls himself a “serial entrepreneur,” had a heart for business at a very young age. When he was six years old, he sold greeting cards. This passion for business eventually found its way to his adult life. In 2003, after reading a book from a famous millionaire maker, he decided to venture to real estate investing. He did, however, make some mistakes in his first few deals. He courted danger by playing with very expensive rehab homes with no experience. He also signed for mortgages. But despite the blunders he admittedly made, Anthony Russo ran away with six figures after doing 2 rehab homes and closing 1 deal from wholesaling houses. Anthony Russo realized that if he were to make huge money from real estate long term, he must reduce if not eliminate the risks involved in the business. After all, he was lucky that he sold his rehab homes before the housing market bubble burst and prices went down. This motivation gave birth to his training system, the PowerSold Two-Day Event Program. The system teaches investors how they can gain control of properties with just $10. This investor soon gained a reputation for being a real estate expert and among those who noticed him was Randy Poulson, president of South Jersey Investors, Inc. The two decided to form Paulson-Russo LLC, which now educates mane investors in New York-New Jersey-Philadelphia area. Learn more about Anthony Russo and partner Randy Paulson by watching their video here.
Randy Paulson, Anthony Russo’s business partner, will be taking over the floor in this video. He’ll open it with a common misconception new real estate investors have. He will proceed with the difference of a pretty house and an ugly house, based on a marketing perspective. Apart from discovering the qualities of a “pretty house,” you’ll also get some tips on doing cosmetic rehab on the property. What 3 parts of the house should bear the house number? Want tips on exterior and interior paint? How would you pass inspection requirements? Watch this video. Paulson and Russo are experts in various investing fields, including subject-tos, rentals, rehabbing, and wholesaling.
Tags: Anthony Russo,Randy Paulson,Wholesaling,Rehabbing,Rehab Homes,Marketing

User Comments

  •| Posted: February 13, 2018 04:42:11 PM

    Video Is Not Working?????

  •| Posted: March 16, 2017 11:54:51 AM

    Is the system down? I click on the arrow to start the training and nothing happens except another view gets added. Yes i did check to be sure that I was on line and signed in.

  • 2311| Posted: July 2, 2011 09:28:38 PM

    Great info, video breaking up frequently

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