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Private Money and CPAs & CFPs Part 2-Brian Gibbons

Private Money and CPAs & CFPs Part 2-Brian Gibbons

Speaker: Brian Gibbons | Runtime: 34:16
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Brian Gibbons has been a real estate investor since 1986. He is the owner of Financial Advantage Limited and his primary expertise in the industry is lease purchasing. Brian Gibbons is a recognized expert when it comes to handling cooperative assignments, installment sales, and sandwich lease options. He also conducts real estate investing coaching services to new investors.

Learn everything you need to know about CPAs and CFPs in this presentation by Brian Gibbons. Discover techniques on how you can get private money leads from certified public accountants (CPAs) and certified financial planners (CFPs), whom Brian Gibbons calls the “guardians of wealth.” He will tell you in detail how you can schedule an appointment with CPAs and CFPs, what to say to them, and how you can use books and booklets to convince them to work with you. As a bonus, you’ll know what specific sections of the IRC, or the Internal Revenue Code, you need to know by the letter. Plus, get tips on how to convince prospective private money lenders to invest in real estate.
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