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Programming Confidence Via Hypnosis - Bill Duquette

Programming Confidence Via Hypnosis - Bill Duquette

Speaker: Bill Duquette | Runtime: 0:52:27
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A Massachusetts-born real estate investor, Bill Duquette believes money is just math. He is a persuasive motivational speaker and is also an expert in programming confidence via hypnosis. Bill Duquette leads a number of real estate investment and personal development corporations and is also famous for his wholesaling houses and loan modification system.


But long before he was "The Wealth Builder," Bill spent years in physical labor, earning minimum wages. He secured a GED for college. When asked by a committee what major he wants to pursue since he didn't declare one, he said "Whatever major would make me a million dollars." The millionaire-in-the-making was employed as a bartender in Jacksonville. He was fired when he called his boss one night because he was sick. He swore to himself that that would be the last person he will call "boss."


True enough, he never worked for other employers since then. He opened a lawn care service but soon gained interest in real estate. He studied to get a license, which ended up in one his drawers because it made him a real estate agent, not the successful boss he had always wanted to be. He ended up attending a free real estate investing and buying the speaker's course. From then on, there was no looking back for Bill.


Today, Bill Duquette is a name motivational and real estate seminars will usually include. A lot of other mentors may know what Bill can teach about real estate investing. However, he is the only real estate mentor who is famous for using hypnosis to program confidence to would-be investors. He stresses that believing is the first step to achieving. He often talks about the difference between the "pauper mentality" and the "millionaire mentality" and why you need to adopt the latter to become a real millionaire. If you doubt the effectiveness of this program, simply ask those who pay Bill up to $1,000 per hour for just coaching and consulting on his building wealth in multiple streams system.

Motivational speaker Bill Duquette will teach you in this video why believing is the first step to becoming a millionaire. Learn how you can start programming confidence into your subconscious via hypnosis. Bill Duquette, also a real estate investor, will teach you why you need to dispose of fear and start taking action. Listen as he differentiates pauper mentality with millionaire mentality. You will also learn why you need to stop doing “minimum wage” activities and how you can make the highest and best use of your time.
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