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Quick Tips on Private Money – Chris Yates

Quick Tips on Private Money – Chris Yates

Speaker: Chris Yates | Runtime: 00:07:36
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Chris Yates has been in the real estate industry for over seven years now. He takes pride of his extensive background real estate investing, sales, marketing, and mortgage banking. He is considered as the brainchild of the CM Yates team and has developed a wide range of creative financing techniques and alternative investment models.


The CM Yates team is a group of professional real estate investors who are experts in financial strategies. The group aims to provide you with options on financial strategies that can give you greater control over your investments. CM Yates commits to safely make your investments grow for two to five times the current rate. To date, the company is humbled by a big number of clients who attest to enjoy the rates of return with minimal risks. Chris and his team also provide programs to individuals who are looking for venues to invest their capital at high fixed rates. To date, the CM Yates family of companies controls over 20 companies along with a multi-dollar global real estate portfolio.


Chris owes his real estate skills to a wide range of world-renowned mentors in the industry. Some of them include Dolf De Roos, Robery Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Anthony Robbins and many others. Through the years, he has completed hundreds of real estate transactions which is why he is the best resource person to consult if you have questions about creative deal structures. He is also considered as the "go-to-guy" for individuals who want to learn more about complicated financing techniques in residential real estate.


During his spare time, Chris loves to spend quality time with his wife and two kids. He is a very passionate learner. When he wants to spend some time alone, he takes time to relax and find peace of mind in yoga.

Real estate investors who want to close deals will learn a handful from this short Chris Yates video. In this presentation, Chris Yates and his securities attorney lay down five essential tips when borrowing private money. Chris Yates, the CEO of CM Yates Companies, will also tell you how documents can actually make you a money magnet. Learn what the mindset of a private money borrower should be and how you can look professional in the eyes of lenders. If you want to learn what corporate identity is and why you would want yours to be solid, watch this video now.
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Quick Tips on Private Money – Chris Yates

Runtime: 00:07:36 | Views: 784

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