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Real Estate Autopilot System – Mike Butler

Real Estate Autopilot System – Mike Butler

Speaker: Mike Butler | Runtime: 1:02:58
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Being in the real estate investing business for over a decade, Mike Butler is considered an expert in property and tenant management systems and practices. He has developed a number of software accounting systems that are proven to boost cash flow and help real estate investors and property managers protect their assets. The eldest of seven children, Mike Butler grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. He discovered the joys of investing in real estate through Ed Melton Sr., who introduced him to the Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors’ Association or KREIA. With the help of KREIA and the workshops and seminars that he has attended, Mike became a more focused and aggressive real estate investor. Aside from regularly attending real estate seminars and conventions, Mike Butler tried out dozens of property management software programs to give his budding business a good foundation. However, none of these programs worked for him. This prompted Mike to create his own software. Mike Butler devoted a lot of time and energy on tweaking his two programs. After ensuring that they work by testing them out himself, he started giving short introductory classes to newbie real estate investors on how to use the system. The lectures were a big hit and from them on, Mike continued to create and develop related systems and programs to help his colleagues in the business. In June 2001, the Louisville native was featured in the Money magazine article “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?” A few months later, he was invited to speak at a regional conference of CPAs. After 13 years of serving his hometown as a police detective, Mike Butler was able to finally retire from his day job and focus on investing in real estate. Today, he is generating at least $1-million worth of annual rental income using the software and systems that he has developed.

Do you want to earn tons of cash while working only five hours a week? Learn how as real estate guru Mike Butler shares the secrets of millionaires and how they earn millions of dollars with just a push of a button. Discover the things that stop you from getting rich and how to overcome them. Find out how you can manage more than 50 properties while enjoying a vacation on a luxury cruise. And if you’re sick and tired of spending too much time in your office doing tons of paperwork, listen as Mike Butler teaches you a smart investor’s system so effective you won’t need a bookkeeper or a property manager when running your real estate business.
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Real Estate Autopilot System – Mike Butler

Runtime: 1:02:58 | Views: 425

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