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Real Estate Investing Motivation  - Roger Salam

Real Estate Investing Motivation - Roger Salam

Speaker: Roger Salam | Runtime: 52:46
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Roger Salam is a living proof that positive attitude indeed draws success in your direction. It drags it in the collar and makes it kneel in front of you. If it is motivation you need to take that first step to real estate investing success, listening to Roger is something you need to do now. Before he entered investing in real estate, Roger Slam was a purely a professional motivational speaker and trainer, sharing the stage with world renowned advisor Anthony Robbins. He has toured North America, Europe, and Asia, delivering over 3,700 professional seminars and talks to various groups of people.


In 1997, he co-owned an e-commerce imaging company that was raking in an annual revenue of $35 million. However, the Internet bubble burst and he lost his job. It was from his apartment where he thought of venturing into the industry that has made many people a millionaire. Two years later, he bought his first property for no money down. He then became a full-time investor in the greater Tampa Bay area, where he is now an established home buyer, seller, and manager. Today, he wholesales eight to 10 properties monthly.


Known for his love for innovation, Roger uses technology in automating his wholesaling houses business. His passion for progress moved from mere investing to other areas. From 100% investing, he ventured into writing and co-authored two marketing books. He also started to use his skills in professional speaker to be a motivational coach. Today, he is a common sight in real estate investing and motivational talks across the nation.


He furthered his passion for educating new investors by building a group of info-marketers, or gurus, online. The CEO of The Winner's Circle, which is a group of speakers, promoters, and gurus from across the country, Roger continues to be an influential figure in the real estate investing world. Through the group, he promotes collaboration among teachers and investors.

If a lot of us know a lot of information about real estate investing, how come more people are not successful in real estate? Real Estate Web Academy founder Roger Salam will give you the answer to that question. In this video, you will learn why having a creed of your own will help boost your business. A real estate investor and a renowned motivational speaker, Roger Salam will tell you why you need to determine your strengths before you decide what jobs you will delegate and automate. Lend him your ears as he exposes the “new rules of the game” when it comes to real estate investing. Also, if you want to know what the keys to success, survival, and wealth in real estate are, check out this video now.
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