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Real Estate Wholesaling FAQs – Eddie Case

Real Estate Wholesaling FAQs – Eddie Case

Speaker: Eddie Case | Runtime: 02:04:54
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Eddie Case, a full-time real estate investor in the Harrisburg, PA, region is rather humble despite his success. He describes himself as "your average guy, with an average intelligence." He finished high school with a "C" average and never got a college degree. But this average guy is a total master you should listen to when it comes to wholesaling houses.


Since 2001, Eddie has flipped over 450 houses - all within a 20 mile radius of his home. "I consider myself an expert on the subject. I absolutely love this business and cannot see myself ever wanting to do anything else for a living ever again!" he says. This investor-mentor tells his students that if he can do it, anybody can actually succeed in real estate investing. However, there are certain qualities someone must possess to actually make a name in this industry, according to him.


The first one is willingness to learn and be trained. He says that going through unfamiliar territory is "scary stuff." "Learning the tricks of the trade is also an important aspect of the game, and one's willingness to know it all will give him far better advantages in the business than he could ever imagine," Eddie Case writes in one of his articles. The other qualities are willingness to invest time and effort, self-determination, discipline, and optimism. If you have these, then you are ready to become big in wholesaling houses and real estate investing in general. Go start your education by watching Eddie Case's videos now.


Eddie is known for his "straight line" approach to wholesaling houses, a system that focuses on the assignment of contracts to other investors or buyers. This technique is commonly known as assignments. Another area where he's considered an expert is marketing; he teaches investors how to land on the first page of Google. He is also the owner of Ugly House Depot, a residential real estate investment company that buys and sells properties at wholesale prices. Aside from that, he also hosts his own weekly radio talk show called "Reality Real Estate."

Know the answers to the most common questions on real estate wholesaling in this compilation video by veteran wholesaler Eddie Case. In short, clear, and intelligent answers, Eddie Case will lay down the answers to the top 20 questions that most newbie real estate investors ask. Why is wholesaling considered a “No Money Down” and “Zero Risk” form of real estate investing? Why do you need a “Power Team” and why is it crucial for you to use the power of the Internet in your business. Learn all these and more in this compiled video that will definitely answer all your questions and doubts about real estate wholesaling.
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