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Recession Proof Real Estate Business-Kenny Rushing

Recession Proof Real Estate Business-Kenny Rushing

Speaker: Kenny Rushing | Runtime: 54:20
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Kenny Rushing used to have nothing to his name. Then, after a life-changing stint with the law, he educated himself on real estate. Within a year, he was rehabbing houses. Today, his real estate company, Rehabbers Superstore, Inc., earns millions of dollars annually. He is also a recognized real estate investing mentor and speaker. Phenomenal is indeed an understatement to describe Kenny's shift from drug dealing to being a powerhouse in real estate.


As a teenager, Kenneth Rushing sold drugs in Tampa Bay, Florida, and saw crack cocaine as an "economic messiah." He thought it will bring him closer to his dreams. At 20, though, he was sent to prison for seven years. "When I left prison I had several certificates in finance and real estate. I studied all of those things that I thought would support me in being able to transition into society and do the right thing," he said. True enough, Kenneth Rushing managed to turn his life around. A thriving company was testament enough to that. He specializes in selling bulk REOs, or real estate owned properties. He sells properties to rehabbers. Ken Rushing also owns Deal Maker Education and is the bulk REO manager at Gries Investment Fund.


This unique and committed young man he understood his new-found calling and responsibility. "In order for the African-American economy to thrive," Rushing points out, "we must support one another." And since his company became a success, Rushing has done just that. Now he's sharing his experiences and wisdom with you. He is currently on a mission to s financial freedom. Also known as Captain Save-a-House in his ads, Kenny Rushing is currently educating people on his "House Hustling" method, wherein the cost to rehab a distressed property is calculated. They then buy the property low and then resell it for a profit.

Want to learn how to make your real estate business thrive amid an economic slump? Kenny Rushing will teach you exactly what to do. Listen as he explains his trademark Kenny Rushing triad system. Learn how you can find financing when hard money lenders in your area start to tighten policies. You will also learn why banks are now the top competitors of wholesalers and how you can beat them. Wholesaling in a market saturated with houses is another thing you’ll understand in this presentation. Kenny Rushing will also teach you how to establish your own brand so people will recognize you and your real estate business.
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