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REI Business Foundations by Joseph Irons

Speaker: Joseph Irons | Runtime: 52:48
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Joseph Irons was faced with adversity at a young age. His mother was from Thailand and speaking very little English. Although they didn’t own a home, she did her best being single to raise her son on assistance.  Due to different step-fathers being in the military they moved constantly and always rented.  Up until high school Joseph thought everyone rented.

Joseph also served the military proudly in the Army as a combat engineer and later as a Navy Hospital Corpsman stationed with the Marine Corps Force Recon. Realizing that there was a better life out there and a brighter future than was presented to him, he made up his mind to be different and be better. 

Opening a 30,000 square foot fitness center was a high point in his life. Later, having his business partner embezzle the money, leading to Joseph losing over $1,000,000 in a year was the lowest.

But Joseph Irons was not one to accept failure or defeat.  He attended a 3-day real estate event and knew real estate was the ticket that he was searching for. Not having any money or credit, he started to wholesale houses successfully in the Texas market. It was so successful that he was interviewed 3 times on the #1 live local morning show “Great Day SA” and was touted as a “problem solver.”

Joseph is an expert at using the marketing skills he learned selling advertising for CBS to grow his real estate business. Apart from marketing, he is also an expert subject-to, wholesaling, and business foundations. So if you’re a real estate investor interested in those areas, this is the mentor you’re looking for.

He is currently married to Maricela and they have a “Yours, Mine, and Ours” household of 6 children: Samantha 17, Joey 16, Mercedes 16, Mark Anthony 12, Miguel 11, Celeste 5.

If you’re going to start a real estate investing business, you better watch this video by Joseph Irons. CEO of Rock Real Estate Investments, Joseph Irons will tell you what questions that you need to ask yourself before engaging in real estate. He will also stress the importance of a personal and business mission statement and how optimism actually affects a business. Learn why mindset is the foundation of a solid business and what the difference is between interest and commitment. Also, Joseph Irons will reveal some marketing secrets that will help you get both seller and buyer leads. Discover what the “reduction to the ridiculous” formula is and watch as he demonstrates a successful subject-to deal. Listen too as he contacts a lead via phone.


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    How can I see this??

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REI Business Foundations by Joseph Irons

Runtime: 52:48 | Views: 489

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