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REI Wired’s Flippin’ Fiasco With Jamel Gibbs

REI Wired’s Flippin’ Fiasco With Jamel Gibbs

Speaker: Jamel Gibbs | Runtime: 01:09:46
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Jamel Gibbs is a recognized expert when it comes to flipping houses and other forms of real estate investing. He serves as a mentor to investors, from those who are still starting in the business to those who are already twice his age. If flipping houses with no money, no credit, and no experience sounds good to you, this is the mentor you would want to learn from.


Growing up in New York, he became a boss when he was 8 years old, employing his siblings in selling newspaper. He went on to getting odd jobs until he was hired as cold caller for Wall Street. He dreamed of becoming a Wall Street broker but the 9/11 attacks turned this into a nightmare. Not long after the attacks, he was back in his previous job at a barbershop. A friend then convinced him to become a real estate agent. In one of the deals, his client walked away with a six-digit check and it was then he realized that real estate investing was the way to riches.


We went on to wholesale properties and today, his company wholesales up to 10 properties a month. He named his company Mill Street Properties LLC after Brooklyn's Mill Street, where he grew up. His business is now booming in Pennsylvania.


Because of his expertise, Jamel Gibbs has become a staple speaker in real estate investing seminars.

Also an author, he is considered a go-to guy when it comes to wholesaling REOs, or real estate owned properties, wholesaling short sales, and even commercial wholesaling. His strategies in profitable real estate investing are considered fresh. Despite his real estate coaching duties, he stays an active real estate investor.

Wholesaling regular single-family homes is the expertise of Jamel Gibbs and he will share his techniques with you in this video. A veteran New York real estate investor, Jamel Gibbs will also teach you how to find cash buyers in any market, how to find the right areas through research, and how to find properties in auto pilot. If selling a property within seven days without holding the title in your hands sounds good to you, you must watch this presentation now. You will learn how to get started flipping houses with no money, no credit, and no experience. This video will also show you how Jamel Gibbs’ system works for wholesaling REOs, wholesaling short sales, and commercial wholesaling.
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REI Wired’s Flippin’ Fiasco With Jamel Gibbs

Runtime: 01:09:46 | Views: 788

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