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Rent to Own Investing - Dennis Henson

Rent to Own Investing - Dennis Henson

Speaker: Dennis Henson | Runtime: 00:57:52
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Dennis J Henson started in real estate with the goal of improving his lifestyle. Real estate investing has allowed him to live the life of his choice. He left behind his nine-to-five job, the long commutes, and the need for a coat and tie. As a result, he works when he wants to work and plays when the spirit moves him. Wealth has just been a by-product of his real estate pursuits. As a beginner though, Dennis Henson figured that he could do better than a lot of info-marketers who were teaching about real estate. He believes that the ability to succeed in the real estate investing business lies in understanding and implementing seven unchangeable laws of nature. Fail to follow these great principles and a business is doomed. But learn to follow their wisdom and “You can no more fail than water can run up hill,” he says. So today, Dennis Henson, who holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in education, continues teaching people who want to change their lives through real estate investing. He is the president of Vanguard Marketing and Investments and the AREA (Arlington Real Estate Association of Investors). He is the author of "Becoming Wealthy in Real Estate." He is an expert at controlling property for profit without ever taking title and many other creative techniques. With over 38 years in the real estate investing experience, Dennis Henson has done numerous profitable real estate transactions throughout the southern United States. Dennis Henson specializes in single family investing and is experienced in all aspects of real estate investing — options, rent to own, installment land contracts, contracts for deeds, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, contracts for purchase and sales, subject to, wrap around mortgages, seller carry back notes, land trusts, leases, and creative financing, among others. For investors who want to learn these techniques, you can watch Dennis Henson’s videos here.

Learn how to make money from rent to own properties through this video by Dennis Henson, known in the industry as an expert in creative real estate investing. Dennis Henson starts the presentation with reasons to consider rent to own, his version of 7 secrets of success in real estate investing, and the 5M’s of the industry. Having trouble computing the rent amount for your property? This guru with nearly four decades experience will help you with a simple formula. Know when you should get a property manager and when to ask for a bigger deposit. Get tips on selecting better tenants by watching this video now. Dennis J Henson will also tell you what happens when the tenant abandons the property and walk you through the eviction process.

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  •| Posted: February 2, 2018 07:40:43 PM

    Your system is not responding what the hell.

  • D.DePasquale| Posted: December 22, 2010 04:07:11 PM

    must be your browser. i didn't have any issues.

  • S.King| Posted: December 4, 2010 08:52:05 PM

    It probably would be a great seminar except for the 'link' cut off after about 5 minutes! It is supposed to be a 57 minute discussion :(

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Rent to Own Investing - Dennis Henson

Runtime: 00:57:52 | Views: 943

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