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Self Storage Investing – Scott Meyers

Self Storage Investing – Scott Meyers

Speaker: Scott Meyers | Runtime: 01:07:24
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An expert in buying, selling, and managing self storage facilities, Scott Meyers is the man to consult if you’re planning to invest in this highly untapped real estate niche. A nationally acclaimed speaker, he is committed to helping beginners achieve huge success without the hassles of dealing with the usual problems that many real estate investors encounter. Scott Meyers started investing in real estate in 1993. After spending over $100,000 on learning tools, real estate courses, and seminars, the Indiana-based investor made a huge name and a fortune by implementing the real estate strategies he learned. With the help of his wife, he has bought, rehabbed, and rented 40 houses and more than 400 apartment units. He also owned 100 office spaces and ten warehouses. However, the unthinkable happened. Scott Meyers was close to filing bankruptcy after most of his tenants left his rental properties to avail of the no money-down loan offered by the government for first-time homebuyers in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. While his previous tenants were enjoying their new homes, Scott was selling all his apartment units and other assets on Ebay to provide for his family and pay his bills. Despite what happened, Scott Meyers decided not to leave the real estate business. Instead, he looked into other real estate niches and it was then that he realized that there is money to be made in self storage facilities. A few years later, he was able to regain the real estate riches that he had lost, thanks to his perseverance and to the guidance of those people who helped him get back on his feet. Today, he is the owner of several self storage holding companies in many parts of the country. And to help beginners and other real estate investors who share the same experiences with him, Scott Meyers is more than happy to share his recipe for success.

Do you want to make money in real estate without the hassles of dealing with tenants, negotiating with home buyers and sellers, and managing properties? Watch and learn as certified self storage manager Scott Meyers gives you an insight into one of the fastest-growing niches in real estate. Discover the joys of investing in self storage facilities and uncover the secrets to cashing in on this $20-billion industry. Citing his personal experiences as examples, Scott Meyers will also teach you how you can ensure high cash flow and low collection losses in this widely untapped real estate market.
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Self Storage Investing – Scott Meyers

Runtime: 01:07:24 | Views: 300

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